Tomas Reinerson Music - Photos


So many photo's in so many archives to go through well at least here are the most recent appearances (most recent first), more will come.

TR Photosession Oct 27 2014

Photosession with photographer Christer Larsson. These photo's has been laying around for some time now since it was really hard to choose a limited number of them.

I realized that I didn't have any solo photographies to use, so I asked Christer if he'd be willing to shoot a few with me. Instead of shooting in a studio we found some really great surroundings in Krokslätts Fabriker. I think that the shots turned out quite well.

Rebel Gel - Tomorrow Is Another Day - Video Session (April 1 2014)

This time we wanted to do something else than a greenscreen production and occupied the Resö Church for another evening. After setting up we had to wait for the sun to set and shot the video in around 2 hours. Michael of Nöjesskräddaren did some additional shoots and came up with yet another great video. Strangely YouTube decided to remove the video just a few days after the launch claiming that the content violated the rules.

Photo: Christer Larsson
Makeup and props: Monika Hogeland & Henrik Lillproppen Johansson
Video production: Michael Skärström of Nöjesskräddarn

Rebel Gel - Photo session (March 9 2014)

A windy and rather chilly day in the regions around Grebbestad. It took me almost a day to warm up after this . . . .

Photo: Christer Larsson & Eva Wistemar

Rebel Gel - When You're Gone & Burning Soul - Video Session (August 22 2013)

Second video session and this time we did two videos in one evening. After we were done the amazing Michael Skärström managed to get two great videos out of the mess.

Makeup: Monika Hogeland
Co actor: Henrik Lillproppen Johansson
Video production: Michael Skärström of Nöjesskräddarn

Rebel Gel - Live Falkeröd (June 20 2013)

So far the only live concert we've done with RG

Photo: Robert Dahlberg

Rebel Gel - Is It A Sin - Video Session (March 24 2013)

This was actually the first time we all met. We shot the video in 4 hours and had a great time getting to know each other while doing the shoot.

Video production: Michael Skärström of Nöjesskräddarn