Tomas Reinerson, previously known as Kiwi, is a composer, musician and artist hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden.

As musician he’s been playing almost all genres (e.g. Jazz, Country, Latin, Funk, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Heavy Metal), live as well as in studio (19 releases up to date).

In the beginning of this century he decided to try out the new online channels to release his own music. Which eventually led to releasing his first solo album Dreamland Stories (2004) using his alias and nickname since childhood Kiwi.

When he left Zero Illusions in the beginning of 2013 the intention was to finalize a second solo album, however when his wife got her cancer diagnose he put everything on hold to be with her until she passed away in summer 2015.

Early 2016 he decided to pick up recording and composing again however now under his real name Tomas Reinerson and also with the intention to release singles instead of doing album releases. His first release was Call my name (April 28 2016) and he’s currently working on the next estimated to air in June 2016.

Some notable appearances are:

Francie Conway (Singer Songwriter), where he was a member of the Scandinavian tour line up as well as participating on The Green Album (1999) and Somewhere in Heaven (2015).

Zero Illusions (Math/Progressive Metal), where he was a member between 2006 – 2013. Zero Illusions released two albums, Enter Eternity (2008) and Oblivion (2011).

Celestial Decay (Symphonic Metal), where he’s featured as a guest on the album QuantumX (2014) playing bass on two tracks Total Eclipse of the Heart and Final Symphony.

Rebel Gel (Rock), where he’s part of the live lineup and appears in the videos; Is It a Sin (2013), When You’re Gone (2013), Burning Soul (2013) and Tomorrow is Another Day (2014)

Long Bio

The Artist

Although Tomas were in many original bands before the real ambition of becoming an artist began when he and Magnus Rosén formed the duo/band "At Your Service". The constellation lasted enough to record a demo, however Tomas kept the name and formed a 7 piece band around the music which resulted in a single, a video and some live gigs.

After breaking up the band Tomas continued writing and recording and in 1997 he took the artist name "Kiwi" (his nickname since childhood) and launched the website
He released three CD's as Kiwi "Dreamland Stories" (2001), "Fools Symphony" (2002) and a remastered and rearranged version of "Dreamland Stories" (2004)

When joining Zero Illusions (2006) he put Kiwi on hold until now (2013). Discovering that there are too many bands/artists claiming the name Kiwi he decided to simply change and use his name Tomas Reinerson

The Composer

The first composer gig happened as Tomas joined an amateur film company and was asked to do the soundtrack for an 8 mm short film called "Av Jord Är Du Kommen". After several re-cuts the short were entered in to numerous film festivals/competitions both global and locally were it did very well. Swedish Television was very interested in broadcasting it however the extreme color compression of the movie was at that time to difficult to handle.

After this Tomas got very interested in writing music for similar purposes and has been writing jingles for Radio and TV shows, background music for instruction videos, comercials and other event purposes.
Unfortunately very little of these are digital or allowed to the public however one example can be heard at soundcloud:

Soundtrack for the short movie "Tystnad och Kärlek"
The score was written to be in the background of the entire movie (as there were no dialogue), meaning that each time that the movie was recut the score had to be rewritten and re-recorded.
The movie premiered on Gothenburg filmfestival 1995 and the music got some really great mentions.

The Musician

Tomas started playing bass at age 13 at the same time as he joined various rock groups and a Big Jazz Band. At age 16 he started playing professionally with an entertainment orchestra (formed by members in the Big Band) playing in the Gothenburg region at private parties and restaurants.

Since then he's been playing in almost every genre from Jazz to modern pop/rock (and recently metal), touring with artists/acts, traditional dance bands, cover bands as well as doing numerous stand-ins

The Teacher

Tomas began teaching bass after doing PRYO (a two weeks practical work orientation) at Lennart Wallins Music School at age 15. Lennart - a jazz organ player who had been playing with some of the greatest artists - took Tomas under his wings and acted as a employer and mentor. Tomas began teaching beginners bass classes, however after starting music high school he also handled the more advanced classes as well as "theory of harmonics".
After awhile he also started to give private lessons for those who didn't want to be in group classes, one of those students was world known Magnus Rosén (Hammerfall).

At 19 after finishing High School Tomas worked for a year as music teacher at elementary school, however since touring was much more appealing he left the teaching career in favor for that.

After a few years of touring with different bands, Tomas was recruited to work in the Rock School Project in Gothenburg (in the same area as he worked as music teacher), teaching and mentoring groups where he met many now famous musicians

Today Tomas still gives private lessons for a limited number of students, eventually this site will contain an online music school.


Although bass and vocals always has been his main instruments Tomas also plays guitar, keyboard and various percussions.



6 string
Warwick Corvette Classic
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Warwick Streamer Jazzbass
Rockbass Corvette Classic by Warwick
4 string
Levinson Blade B2
B.C. Rich Eagle (US)

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Mesa Boogie Big Block 750
Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 8x10

Ashdown MAG 300
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Laney TFX300



Cakewalk Sonar Platinum
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Native instruments Guitar Rig 5 (for guitar and bass)
Addictive drums