Tomas Reinerson - Milky way is burning

Actually the first video released under my own name.This is my rendition of a song I heard in the late 70's early 80's. Since then I've been using it as material when teaching bass. Some years ago one of my students told me that I should record it and publish it and finally here it is...

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Broken shoes - Francie Conway (e-single 2014)

Francie Conway - Broken ShoesIn fall 2013 my friend Francie Conway approached me if I wanted to put some bass on a cover version he had made of Cornelis Vreeswijk's classical song "Somliga går med trasiga skor" even at an early stage I found that I loved his version and send back 5 different bass takes. Little did I know that I was going to be on the same recordings as one of my first idols - Jan Akkerman of Focus. The intro guitar riff of Syliva was one of, if not the first, rockriffs I ever learned on guitar.

I'm extremely proud to be credited among these fine musicians Jan Akkerman (NL) Guitar, Vivienne Boucherat (UK) Backing Vocals, Siard De Jong (NL) Violin, Matt Kelleghan (IRL) Drums, Peter Lundgren (S) Percussion, Tomas Reinerson  (S) Bass Guitar, Dom Torche (CH) Hammond Organ, Chris White (UK) Backing Vocal Arrangement.

You can download the song from here

New responsive design of Reinerson Music

I've finally found some time to redesign and apply responsive design to this site as well as added a photo section - hope you're going to like it.

KiwiMusic becomes Tomas Reinerson Music

After a very long time I've decided to change artist name from Kiwi to my actual name Tomas Reinerson. The reason is that there simply are too  many artists/bands calling themselves Kiwi (over 12 who has published themselves on CD).

The future plan is to re-release my old album Kiwi - Dreamland Stories under Tomas Reinerson and to follow up with a brand new album hopefully towards the end 2014 and also gather a live band to do some concerts (initally locally in Sweden)...

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